When You Begin Considering the Coffee Chain Job

I said before that I am teaching in a few institutions. And yesterday I said that I enjoy teaching. And that is still true. I prefer my university courses, for various reasons. (I’m still in love with my students.) But the working conditions at these institutions vary. Significantly. I am not solely talking about money. (But I also do.) I am also talking about atmosphere, respect for teachers, and decency. (That one is a word I rarely use.)

I cannot complain about my university teaching job. Not at all. For an adjunct position, my university pays well. Higher than average. I like the people I work with. I’m valued and thanked for my work. And the students, you remember.

The teaching job I like the least is the complete opposite. Well, almost–I do like my colleagues, some of whom are friends. It’s so badly paid I never planned to stick around. (And I already get more than some other teachers there get.)

The relationship between the boss and her staff couldn’t be more hierarchical. She is always right. (At least she thinks so …) She is choleric. And she talks about her teachers behind their backs. Not as an exception, but as a rule. Everyone loves gossiping from time to time. But hers is not gossiping anymore. She spreads private issues–either true or assumed ones (which seem to be true in her mind). When teachers quit, she lies about their reasons for quitting. Or freelancing teachers learn about the end of their job the last minute.

I disliked her behavior from the beginning. But I did not really have a choice. Still don’t have. Yesterday, it was my turn. I got a new student last week. Yesterday, she asked for a new teacher. That happens. I didn’t take it personal. After our first class, I could see probable issues between us.

But I took it personal that my boss was convinced that the office manager should have anticipated that I wouldn’t be a good choice for that particular student. I’m still not sure what exactly she pretended to see. She hinted at my appearance. I am properly clothed, my clothes are clean, without holes. My hair is brushed, my makeup light. And anything else: none of her business.

Today, she ignored me.

The coffee chain job is quite attractive since yesterday.


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