Fun At the Gym. Maybe.

I go to the gym three or four times a week. I try to go when no one else does, usually around noon or in the afternoon—a crowded gym annoys me. My gym is a bit expensive and accordingly, most members are from a certain economic class. There is diversity, but not a lot. (It’s in an area preferred by many queer people. That’s something, though.)

I enjoy going to the gym. It’s good for my (mental) health. But it’s also interesting to observe people. A few days ago, it was almost ridiculous. It was a Saturday and the gym was quite empty. One guy arrived with a friend and a rather professional digital camera set. He demonstrated a particular exercise, his friend shot. They seemed to shoot a workout video. I was in the background during one (at least) of these shootings. I’ll surely be famous soon! Background athlete in a workout video is as good as background dancer in a Backstreet Boys video. For example. (Do they even have background dancers?)

A tall woman in the free weights area mainly posed in front of the mirror. She wore really high heels and perfected her runway walk. (If you get inspired: there are countless runway walk tutorials online.) I was wondering: heels in a gym? Is she preparing for Next Top Model?

Yet, my favorite member was a guy with a phone. People talking on the phone while in the gym annoy the hell out of me. I can ignore them if they talk in a low voice. But this one probably thought that he doesn’t have to talk in a low voice since almost no one was in the gym. Almost. There were a few of us. And I’m sure no one was interested in the line-up of the upcoming local music festival. Or his view on being a background caller in a workout video. But he was so important that we didn’t matter.

On most other days, I would have been annoyed. But this day was so absurd–with the video guy, the model, and the important guy–that I had to laugh. The entire scene didn’t seem real and could have been part of a silly movie. This is life. Unbelievable, absurd, and ridiculous. I enjoy observing people!


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