Can I Make You a Coffee?

Today was the day. My first (proper) day as barista. My head is spinning. Coffee, coffee, coffee. Caffè Latte. Latte Macchiato. Cappuccino. First milk. First espresso. Lactose free. Almond milk. Flavors. No flavors. Hot milk. Cool milk. Tee, please.

Do you remember that I don’t drink coffee? The first thing I had to do today: coffee tasting. I was a bit afraid of this part. I used to drink coffee and I expected that I wouldn’t like it at all–after so many years without coffee. But it wasn’t too bad. And it was an interesting experience. Coffee tastings are very similar to wine tastings: aroma, taste, texture. But without the hangover. I’m even looking forward to the next tasting.

I learned so much today. Occasionally, I couldn’t remember how to do something I did a moment before. But my colleagues (and the customers) were very patient. They explained again. And repeatedly told me that they understand. That it’s a lot to take in, but that most of the drinks are basically the same. (One of my colleagues didn’t help with my doubts when he told me that he still has troubles after a couple of years or so, though …)

I’m a bit tired and I stop now. But I had a wonderful first day. Thank you, my dear colleagues.


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