Teaching, Teaching, Teaching

Good news are rare these days. So here are some good news: despite the pandemic, I secured (almost too) many courses to teach!

I love teaching university courses. But I’d never thought that I would teach five different courses (at two universities) this semester. After I initially thought I might have only two courses at one university. COVID-19 impacted academic life so much that it seemed unlikely that I would teach a lot—adjuncts are the first ones who have to go. But I got really lucky this semester and I wish others in a similar situation would have the same luck.

Two or three of these courses are rather basic and not necessarily super exciting. But: the other two are topics I wanted to do for so long! And I didn’t even have to fight for them, although new(ish) topics are sometimes difficult to get through. But here I am, doing what I love!

The only downside: the pandemic already put a stop to my fieldwork plans this (and probably next) year. With all the teaching and grading, I do not really have time for research preparations. But that’s okay. Many of us don’t have work at all or have to do jobs they never wanted to do. Often ridiculously underpaid. So I am focusing on the upside: I have jobs that I enjoy. And who knows when actual fieldwork might be possible again.

Until then: I’ll think about real fieldwork projects that I can do at home and teach courses I’m super excited about.


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