Owning Stereotypes?

Recently, I read how a woman described herself as 'exotic' on Social Media. When I asked about this descriptor, she replied that's what she is: from Latin America, from the jungle! In my personal experience, exotic is usually used ethnocentrically, by people who describe people different than themselves. For me, it has a racist connotation, … Continue reading Owning Stereotypes?

The Joys of Mansplaining

Thank you, dear men, for your endeavors to explain the world to me. Thank you, dear men, for explaining my research topics to me. Thank you, dear men, for approving of my decisions. I had no idea what I was doing for years before you came around and explained everything in one or two sentences! … Continue reading The Joys of Mansplaining

The Elite.

A few months ago, I started teaching culture, cross-cultural comparison, and intercultural communication to privileged (mainly white, mainly male) management students. Before I had my first day, I had expected excited, motivated students eager to learn about cultures and how to communicate with business partners around the globe. I'm not sure why I had these … Continue reading The Elite.