Teaching, Teaching, Teaching

Good news are rare these days. So here are some good news: despite the pandemic, I secured (almost too) many courses to teach! I love teaching university courses. But I'd never thought that I would teach five different courses (at two universities) this semester. After I initially thought I might have only two courses at … Continue reading Teaching, Teaching, Teaching


Sexual Harassment In the Field: On Academic Assholes (Part II)

A few days ago, I talked about academic assholes and elaborated on supervisor assholes. Today, I want to talk about those saddening peer assholes. Everyone met them. Competitive, judging, arrogant, selfish, self-centered, self-involved (basically every word that begins with ‘self’), nonempathic. The list is endless. I started avoiding these people, but sometimes, you don’t have … Continue reading Sexual Harassment In the Field: On Academic Assholes (Part II)